Department of General Surgery

Department of General surgery deals with all basic and advanced case for both open and laparoscopic surgery involving almost all parts of the human body. All cases are evaluated on outpatient basis and investigations are done as per the need or complaints of the patient. He keep utmost importance not to over investigate the patients simultaneously keeping in mind that a proper investigation would help in early diagnosis and better treatment of the patient. The LIGG hospital runs many free camps under The Life Seva Trust for poor or BPL patients.

Following surgery are routinely done at LIGG under General surgery department

Surgery of thyroid (Hemi and total thyroidectomy) for colloid goitre, Thyroid adenoma and Thyroid cancer

Surgery of Breast ( Enucleation, Hemi-thyroidectomy, Near total Thyroidectomy and Total Thyroidectomy for fibroadenoma, breast abscess, Breast cancer etc)

Hernia surgery (laparoscopic and Open for inguinal, femoral and ventral hernias)

Vagotomy and GJ for gastric and duodenal ulcers

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy for gall bladder stones and Laparoscopic Appendicectomy for Acute and complicated Appendicitis

Resection and anastomosis of Small and Large intestine for intestinal obstruction and intestinal cancers

Spleenectomy for both Spleenic abscess and Spleenic trauma

Daycare Surgery is performed routinely for minor procedures like

Piles (Internal & External haemorrhoids – both Stapler and open surgery)

Perianal Fistulae, Anal Fissure

Surgery for Hydrocele, Hematocele and pyocele of Tunica vaginalis testis

All types of abdominal hernia (Inguinal, Incisional, Umbilical etc.)

Breast - Fibroadenoma, Lumpectomy

Excision of skin and subcutaneous tumors (Hemangioma, Lipoma, dermoid etc)

Ancillary Departments

Orthopedics : ( surgery for Fracture of bones, Reductions of dislocated joints etc)

Plastic Surgery : (Skin grafting and flap reconstructions), Arterial and venous reconstruction, Varicose vein surgery, Nose and Ear reconstructive surgery )

ENT Surgery : Surgery for Tonsilitis, ASOM, CSOM , DNS- Deviated Nasal septum, Diagnostic and therapeutic Nasal Endoscopy etc.

Neurosurgery : Surgery is performed for Brain Tumor, Acute and chronic subdural and Extradural Hematoma after proper evaluation of the patients in ICU by neurosurgeons.)

Spine Surgery : are performed for Trauma to All levels of vertebral column from cervical spine to lumbosacral spine, Slipped DISC, PID, Spondyli-listhesis etc.