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Welcome to Life Institute of Gastroentrology & Gynaecology

Life is from God, sacred and precious.
We will do our best to affirm and preserve it always.

We will treat every individual – patient,
employee and colleague with respect, kindness and compassion.

We will treat all patients equally,
regardless of caste, creed, or economic status.

We will give our best always,
never compromising on the quality of patient care.

We will be honest with ourselves,
accepting our limitations because we are human.

We will serve with love everyone who comes to this hospital,
because we believe that in serving them we are serving God.

The Life Clinic (TLC) was started in July 2009 (Rathyatra) near Nayabazar high School as an outpatient Clinic by a young couple of doctors (Dr Sanghamitra Dash and Dr Harischandra Mishra ) returning back from Hyderabad after their higher studies. Later in November 2011 “The Life Seva Trust” was established as a registered public Charitable trust with regd. No 1432/2011. Mr Natabar Panda was appointed as the Chairman cum Managing Trustee and Mrs Kanaklata Panda, Dr Harischandra Mishra and Dr Sanghamitra Dash became the three trustee of “The Life Seva Trust”. The Clinic was converted and started functioning as a 12 beded hospital (Name of Hospital- The Life Seva Trust, regd . No 1409/2012) on 25th November 2011 as a health project of “ The Life Seva Trust” with a intention for special treatment in the field of Obstetric and Gynecology , Gastroenterology, Surgery, Urology and Oncology etc. In 2014 both doctors jointly laid down the foundation stone of the new hospital building at Potapokhari, Near Block office, Nayabazar, Cuttack. On May 9, 2016 (Auspicious day of Akshya Tritiya) the Hospital was shifted and started function at its new premises as a Tertiary care Centre in the field of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Gastroenterology with 40 beds and advanced facilities of ICU, NICU, Dialysis, Modular OT, Modern Labour room etc.

“Our dream is to make sophisticated healthcare facilities available to the masses, irrespective of class, creed and community with the sole aim of care, compassion and service to the sick and unhealthy”.

“Our desire is to emerge as a tertiary referral healthcare destination in the field of Gastroenterology (Medical & Surgical), Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Infertility in east zone of India”

This Trust has stepped forward with the support of the people irrespective of caste, creed, race, sex, community and religion for establishment of the Projects which includes

(a) “THE LIFE CLINIC” (Institute of Obstetric and Gynecology and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery) i.e. an establishment proposed to be operational at Naya Bazar, Cuttack at present and may open branch at any other place or places and the Trust shall make it a 50 bedded General Hospital apart from separate infrastructure for special treatment of Gastro Surgery, Gynecological and Obstetric Programmes.

(b)“Mobile Medical Van” , which is the Health Treatment Service on wheels to reach at un-reach areas to facilitate the opportunity of diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

(c) “Village Health Programme” i.e. one more folio of the services to extend “Free Health Checkup Camps” in rural and slum areas of urban agglomeration by joining hands with the youths, SHG (s) and Local Associations with a view to provide and facilitate effective treatment and healthcare services and early detection of breast cancer, cervical cancer, stomach and colon cancer of each member in each house irrespective of caste, creed, sex, race and religion. Similarly health awareness camps shall be organized to educate people against bad effects of smoking and alcohol intake, to educate ANM(s) for proper obstetric management, to conduct free surgery and free obstetric management for poorer sections of people of the society ( viz:- BPL card holders) once in a month ( which will be increased to once a week later).

(d) “Advanced Research and Continued Medical Education” programme and this includes latest knowledge, technology, medical practice and know-how in medical science. To provide medical treatment to the patients through advanced medical equipments. Propagate the practice of evidence based medicine among the medical practitioners and conduct continued medical education programmes on different subjects in order to upgrade the recent advances in medical science among the Medical Practitioners.

(e) To open, found, establish, promote, set-up, run, maintain, assist, finance, support, grant aid in cash or kind and/or running hospitals, charitable dispensaries, maternity homes, nursing institutions, child welfare centers, sanatoriums, hostels and other similar institutions or centers for rendering or providing medical relief and or aid to the suffering humanities or for research centers and institutions for promotions of research and education. To render assistance to poor patients by making provisions for medical assistance, healthcare and preventive medical services. To promote advanced moral education, charity and general welfare of the people in India.


Obstetrics & Gynaecology Division

Gynaecology Cancer

Inferility Work up and Management

Routine Antenatal check-up

Menopause clinic (Every Saturday)

Ultrasound (Abdominal and Transvaginal-TVS)

Hysteroscopy (Diagnostic and therapeutic)

Total Laparoscopy Hysterectomy (TLH&LAVH)

Video Colposcopy


Cardiotocography (CTG) & Fetal Doppler

Complete Hormonal Assay

Intra-uterine Insemination (IUI Lab)

Gastroenterology Division

Liver- Billlary-Pancrcreatic Cancer

Gastro-duodenal Ulcer Diseases

All Gastrointestinal Cancer & Polyps

Gall Bladder & Bile duct Stone Disease

Pancreatitis (Acute & Chronic)

Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn’s Disease

Colorectal Surgery

Basic & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Diagnostic &Therapertic Endoscopy & Colonoscopy

Daycare Surgery

Piles- Internal & External

Perianal Fistulae

Anal Fissure

All types of abdominal hernia (Inguinal, Incisional, Umbilical etc.)

Breast Fibroadenoma, Lumpectomy


Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Laparoscopic Appendicectomy

Laparoscopic Heller’s myotomy

Laparoscopic Fundoplication

Laparoscopic Hemicolectomy

Laparoscopic G.I cancer Surgery

Thoracoscopy for cancer esophagus

Laparoscopic for hydatid cyst of Liver

Advanced laparoscopic gynecologic surgery


Kidney and ureteric stones

Urethral strictures

Cancer of kidney and urogenital tract

Benign enlargement of prostate (BPH)

Urinary tract infections (UTI)-Cystitis, pyelonephritis

Renal failure- ARF, CRF

Hydrocele of TVT etc

General Surgery

Surgery of thyroid (Hemi and total thyroidectomy)

Surgery of Breast (for fibroadenoma, breast abscess, Breast cancer)

Hernia surgery (laparoscopic and Open for inguinal, femoral and ventral hernias)

Vagotomy and GJ for gastric and duodenal ulcers

Cholecystectomy for gall bladder stones

Resection and anastomosis of Small and Large intestine for intestinal obstruction and intestinal cancers


Orthopedics ( surgery for Fracture of bones, Reductions of dislocated joints etc)

Hydrocele of TVT

Plastic Surgery (Skin grafting and flap reconstructions)

Excision of skin and subcutaneous tumors (Hemangioma, Lipoma, dermoid etc)


Rescucitation of the new born with Baby warmer and phototherapy unit

Neonatal hepatitis, jaundice




Malaria etc

Cancer Surgery

Cancer of breast (Both breast conservative and radical mastectomy)

Cancer thyroid (Total thyroidectomy)

Cancer esophagus (Thoracoscopic and transhiatalesophagectomy with Gastrci Pull up)

Cancer stomach (Radical D2 Subtotal, near total and Total Gastrectomy)

Cancer pancreas, Periampullary and Distal Cholangiocarcinoma (Whipplespancreaticoduodenectomy and Radical Distal pancreatectomy)

Cancer of Gall bladder and billiary tract (radical Cholecystectomy and Right/ extended right hepatectomies)

Cancer of Liver (Right and left hepatectomies)

Cancer of Oral cavity ( Wide local excision / hemimandibulectomy / Flap reconstruction / Hemiglossectomy etc.)

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The Life Seva Scheme is started with a hope of giving free healthcare to poor patients who are not wealthy enough to bear the costs of surgery.Who will be benefitted? Well, All BPL card holder patients, Patients with certificate as poor from School Head Master or Local Sarpanch / MLA irrespective of caste or religion, Destitutes (Patients with no attendants or relatives) / Orphans etc.

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Dr. Harishchandra Mishra


Advanced Laparoscopic, G.I. and Cancer surgeon

10 years experience in all advanced Hepatobilliary pancreatic surgery

OPD timing : 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Dr. Sanghamitra Dash

M.B.B.S., (M.D) Gold Medalist.

Advanced Hysteroscopic & Gynecological Laparoscopic surgeon

10 years experience in Infertility

OPD timing : 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM

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