Staff Training

How to Start an IV | IV Catheter Insertion & Flush Technique in Hand | Nursing Skill
BLS training of staff for NABH
Adult CPR
Unconscious Infant Choking - Lay Rescuer
CPR - Simple steps to save a life - Animated Explanation Video - Health Sketch
Hands Only CPR Video - Live Training Version
Rapid Response / Code Blue Training
How to perform first aid and CPR on a choking infant / baby?
How to Swaddle a Baby | Labor and Delivery Nurse, Nursery, & New Mom Skill
How to burp a baby
Best Veins for IV Insertion, Drawing Blood (Venipuncture Tips) in Nursing, Phlebotomy
IV CANNULA: Color, Size, Length, Flow rate (mnemonic inside)
INTRAVENOUS (I.V) CANNULATION (in 5 mins)| How to insert
BiPAP machine (NIV) When to use, How to use & When not to use!!
Basic Modes of Ventilator made easy- VENTILATOR SETTINGS
Intubation Equipment and preparation
Emergency / Emergency drugs / Emergency medicine / RRB
Emergency Drugs || Emergency के दौरान काम में ली जाने वाली दवा
Barrier Nursing || Methods of Infection Control
Oxygen Therapy and Method of Oxygen Administration
Blood Collections Tubes
Tubes, Cannula, Catheter || Images Based Questions for AIIMS
Biomedical waste management | Hospital waste management | Theory and MCQs
Hospital Body Fluid Spill Management
BioMedical waste Management || Hospital Waste Management
Emergency Codes
Equipment’s, machinery and articles used in hospitals l Medical and Nursing
Surgical and Obstetrics Instruments
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation | CPR || BLS Basic Life Support
Comfort devices for patients in hospital l Medical and nursing care
Open/Close Bed making procedure l Bedmaking Part 2 l Medical and Nursing
Blanket bed making procedure l Bedmaking Part 4 l Medical and nursing
Principles of Bed making procedure l Bedmaking Part1 l Medical and Nursing